Our hosted anti-spam service will help you to stop the spams.
Start to block your spams in 5 minutes with our easy to setup and use solution, and your servers will have all the CPU ressources back to accomplish more important things.

Hosted Anti-Spam features:

Our hosted anti-spam solution is designed for Hosting Service Providers (HSP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP), or others with dedicated servers.


Our Anti-Spam technology is based on MailFoundry's appliances. MailFoundry™ is one of the leader on the market today. MailFoundry's engine is based on "MessageIQ", a rock solid email filter protection. MailFoundry protect more than 5 million mailboxes world-wide, and is the fastest growing anti-spam solution available.
Are you sick and tired of your anti-spam system, eating your real mails and the most part of the server's ressources ?
MailFoundry is the only anti-spam solution guaranteed to protect your messages!

Industry leading lowest false positive rates

Stop wasting time checking of your quarantine

Hands off solution

No more lost business due to lost emails

Use our services today, and say goodbye to

false positives and unsolicited emails

Already scanned :

Here are 2 pictures showing the mails that our Anti-Spam Applinaces scanned.

Spams Filtred

Spams Filtred

Virus Filtred

Virus Filtred


Ham - All mail considered clean by the system. The stuff you want.
Spam - (aka UCE) Unsolicited mail.
Virus - Message that contain a virus.
RBL - A message from a server that is listed on the Remote Block List.
RPDNS - (Reverse Path DNS) Mail from a domain that does not have the appropriate Mail eXchange or A records in DNS to send a response back to.
RFC - Messages that are blocked due to improper formatting of the message.
RP Sanity - A message that is blocked due to the sending server having an invalid DNS record such as (aka localhost).
Size Ext - Messages that are blocked by the specified Size limits.
Greylist - Messages that are blocked by Greylisting.
Redlist - Messages that are blocked by Redlisting.


Use our services today, and say goodbye to

false positives and unsolicited emails

Default Plan:

Unlimited mailboxes

150.000 mails filtered/month

Dual Anti-Spam appliances
for a better service guarantee

Daily detailled Spam digest

Daily detailled Virus digest

1 false positive on 1.000.000 mails

SPAM Block



With our Anti-Spam Appliances, your servers and the hosted sites will be Spam Free. Not only your customers will be happy, also your servers, because they don't need anymore to verify every mail for Spam and Virus.

No false positive !
MailFoundry guarantee
1 false positive on 1.000.000 emails !
Start your Spam-Free services today
and say goodbye to unsolicited mails!

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